Wild Horse Photo’s mission is to promote understanding, appreciation, and admiration of the wild horses of the Pilot Butte area near Green River, Wyoming and all wild horses throughout America through sharing exciting experiences and exceptional photography during well-lead and knowledgeable wild horse photography tours. During these tours, the experience and knowledge of Rich Nobles, wild horse tour guide of Green River Wild Horse Tours, plus the experience and knowledge of Mark Rasmussen, photography tour guide of LightChase Photography, will combine in a collaboration that benefits you, the Wild Horse Photo client. These very small group tours with only 6 photographers, led by two guides, will be a marvelous way for you to learn about, observe, photograph, and experience this fabulous icon of the American West.

Mark is President of LightChase Photography (LCP), and has operated more than 110 photography tours in the last 11 years. Rich is President of Green River Wild Horse Tours, and has been operating wild horse tours for the last 10 years. Together, we represent many thousands of wild horse encounters throughout North America and Northern Europe.

While embarking on LCPs grand adventures, Mark has encountered, experienced, and photographed Wild Horses throughout North America and in Northern Europe, including in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland. Rich has owned many wild horses over his many years, including while operating his successful business in Wyoming.

Rich’s understanding and way with the wild horses enables Wild Horse Photo to be able to safely and harmoniously encounter the Pilot Butte wild horses at close range, resulting in fantastic adventures with these magnificent animals.

In August 2013, Mark and Rich joined forces for the first time to offer back-to-back wild horse photography tours. These initial offerings were spectacular, and LightChase Photography quickly added two more back-to-back wild horse photography tours in May & June 2014. After collaborating on these four wild horse photography tours, Mark and Rich decided to develop a joint venture so that LightChase Photography and Green River Wild Horse Tours would only work together to offer wild horse photography tours under the business umbrella of  Wild Horse Photo. LightChase Photography and Green River Wild Horse Tours offer the only commercially licensed wild horse tours in the Pilot Butte area of Green River, Wyoming.

Come join us for an amazing adventure to learn, observe, experience, admire, and marvel at an American Icon of the Old West – the Wild Horses of Wyoming.


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