Mark Rasmussen

mark picture for WHP Mark F. Rasmussen, dynamic outdoor photographer and connoisseur of light, has always held a fascination for light, as well an intuitive connection to it with all of its many variations. Since 1991, Mark´s quest for elusive, magical images has motivated his travels to national parks and other wild locations not only in North America but also in northern Europe and the Pacific. He has embarked upon journeys to both exotic and rugged locations where nature’s beauty can be found. Mark’s vast experiences have taken him to the wind-swept prairies of Illinois, the rugged shores of Newfoundland, the wilderness high above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, the primeval forests and coasts of Washington and Oregon, the volatile volcanoes of Hawaii, the contrasting beauty of California’s deserts, redwoods, and seqouia, the glorious red rock Canyons of Utah, the living everglades of Florida, and nearly everywhere in between.

While embarking on these grand adventures, Mark has encountered, experienced, and photographed wild horses throughout North America (including in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana) and “seasonally wild” horses in Northern Europe (including in Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland).

While traversing North America, searching for magical natural light in wild places, Mark has developed his own extensive theories on light and its interaction with the weather. Fine-tuning his hypotheses to the point of being able to predict the light based upon the weather, and even a step beyond, to being able to predict the weather from the light. The undeniable key to being able to capture magical natural light in his elusive images is the application of his theories and field experience, which enable him to anticipate, rather than react to, the ever-changing light.

In recent years, Mark has eagerly shared his experiences in, theories about, enthusiasm for, and knowledge of photography with other motivated photographers through a vigorous teaching schedule. As a way to giving back to photography, he freely shares his photographic knowledge and experiences with others.

In 2002, Mark created “LightChase Photography” which operates photographic tours to numerous locations within the United States and Canada and more recently in Iceland and northern Europe. Photographic tours have proven to be the perfect medium for Mark to share his enthusiasm for wild places and his knowledge of photography with others. The primary goal of Mark’s imagery is to create an emotional response in the viewer by combining dramatic, magical natural light and beautiful landscapes into images that portray the wondrous grandeur that is available.   Photography, to Mark, is more than the image; it’s also the experience.

In August 2013, Mark and Rich Nobles of Green River Wild Horse Tours joined forces to offer wild horse photography tours. The initial offerings were spectacular and LightChase Photography quickly added two additional wild horse photography tours in May & June 2014. After collaborating on these four wild horse photography tours, Mark and Rich decided to work even more closely so that LightChase Photography and Green River Wild Horse Tours would jointly offer exclusive wild horse photography tours.  As a result, LightChase Photography and Green River Wild Horse Tours offer the only commercially licensed wild horse tours in the Pilot Butte area of Green River, Wyoming.

Through LightChase Photography Tours and the new joint venture, LightChase Wild Horse Tours, Mark seeks to heighten his clients’ awareness of the tremendous beauty available while highlighting the fragility of our wonderful planet.  Mark currently resides in Galesburg, IL in his dream Victorian mansion with his wife Christy, along with their numerous English Springer Spaniels and cats of many a color and size!