Rich Nobles

IMG_4107 Get in the Truck! WHP Website Rich Nobles, president & wild horse tour guide of Green River Wild Horse Tours, has been operating wild horse tours in the Pilot Butte area of Green River, Wyoming since 2004. Rich’s outstanding knowledge, extensive experience, passion and enthusiasm for wild horses makes him the ideal person to lead exciting wild horse tours that promote understanding, appreciation, and admiration of and for the wild horses of the Pilot Butte area near Green River, Wyoming.

Rich has adopted and owned many wild horses over many years, including during the time he has operated his successful tour business. His understanding and way with the wild horses is uncanny and his non-threatening approach which respects the wild horses has resulted in their being quite relaxed and natural while being observed and photographed. Since Rich, in his Austrian Pinzgauer vehicle, has not pressed or pushed the wild horses in all these years, he is able to safely and harmoniously encounter the Pilot Butte Wild Horses at close range, resulting in fantastic adventures with the horses as well as exciting and memorable images.

Rich’s guide skills are exceptional and he easily and willingly shares his knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for the wild horses. And, lending his sense of humor to the adventure makes for a very entertaining experience. Since the Wild Horse Photo Tours last for all or part of four days, this allows enough time for leaders and photographers to create a special chemistry that is different and unique with each adventure.