Vehicle Information

The dream vehicle for a wild horse tour is a high mobility all-terrain vehicle that can transport six photographers and two guides plus all your photography gear and accessories along the steepest and most challenging roads, through the highest sage brush and over sandstone rocks that the White Mountain Wildlife Management Area and Pilot Butte area can throw at us. Yet, even with the ability to traverse the rugged terrain, the vehicle must be camouflaged enough to not be obvious in the sage brush laden terrain where the wild horses reside. Wild Horse Photo Tours have just such a vehicle, thanks to Rich Nobles of Green River Wild Horse Tours. This dream vehicle incarnate is the Austrian Pinzgauer. In fact, the Pinzgauer is an Austrian breed of horse, so even the makers somehow “knew” this was the best wild horse tour vehicle.

The Swiss Army used the Austrian Pinzgauer as a troop transport vehicle. Most Pinzgauers were manufactured in the 1960’s and 1970’s in Graz, Austria which is also where the Austrian Pinzgauer used by the Wild Horse Photo Tours was built. Not everyone can say that they have experienced a ride in an Austrian Pinzgauer, but you have just such an opportunity to do so – and in style with your very own wild horse tour guide & photography instructor.

So, sign up today and join us on your very own exciting wild horse photo tour – it’ll be the experience of a lifetime.