Wild Horses Information

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There are two (2) categories of “wild horses” found in the Pilot Butte area near Green River, Wyoming
where Wild Horse Photo operates its wild horse tours.

First, there are “wild” horses which have never been in captivity, nor have their ancestors ever been
in captivity. There are very few truly “wild” horses left in the area since (it is believed) about 10,000
years ago there were very few, if any, wild horses left in the area. More recently, the Spanish explorers unintentionally
re-introduced the “wild horse” into the area as early as the 1400’s to 1600’s. The “wild horses” of today are descendants
from the “wild horses” re-introduced by the Spaniards and from other horses brought in by Americans in the last
200 years. Various groups of Americans “contributed” to the wild horse population, including explorers, settlers,
ranchers, prospectors, Native Americans, and the U.S. Cavalry.

Secondly, there are “feral” horses which may have been in captivity themselves (but likely not), or their
ancestors may have been in captivity but either escaped or were intentionally (or not) released from captivity.
Chances are the horses that we encounter during our tours have not been in captivity themselves,
nor have their parents, but rather many of their grandparents or great grandparents, or even further
back may have been in captivity. The last of the likely release (on a large scale) of captive horses into the
wild was in the 1930’s.

What is the effective difference between a “wild” horse and a “feral” horse? A truly wild horse only has
young in the springtime, as their evolution has taught them instinctively that young being born any other
time of year can be dangerous. In contrast, a “feral” horse has young any time of the year, since in the past
its ancestors were in captivity, where breeding and births at any time of year happened.

Whether a “wild” horse or a “feral” horse, I can guarantee that when a “bunch” of these horses comes
thundering by you only 10 or 15 feet away that your adrenaline will flow, your heart will race,
and your spirits will SOAR!!!!

And your camera may even “click”………….