“I went on my first LightChase tour with Mark to the Oregon coast and was impressed by his attention to the details of the tour logistics. I didn’t have to do anything but show up at the Portland airport. Since photography is all about capturing the best light we often had to be on location before sunrise. I learned that Mark has a built-in GPS because he can find the most obscure shooting locations in the dark. I remember following him through the reeds along a stream bed wondering where is he taking us? After we stopped and the sun began to rise, it became immediately obvious why we were there. I don’t ask that question anymore. I also learned much more than I ever expected to about composition and how weather affects light.”

Jerry N; Naperville, IL

“I found Mark and LightChase Photography several years ago by Googling “photo tours”. I came across some of Mark’s images by accident. I did a tour with another outfitter and wanted to try someone new. I booked Yellowstone and Grand Tetons as my first tour. It was unbelievable. The instruction and knowledge that Mark gives blew away any other Photo experience that I have ever encountered. His energy and knowledge, not just of photography, but of the parks as well was incredible. He knew where and when to be at a location in order to get the best images. His groups are small and intimate with plenty of time for personal instruction and critique. The days started well before sunrise and continued to well after the moon rose and set. I have been on 4 other trips with LightChase since then and have learned more from Mark in these trips then my years at New York University Film School. When I look back at my photos over the past several years I can not believe how much they have improved. Mark has become more of a friend over the past 4 years than a tour guide. For anyone who wants to learn about nature, photography, themselves and our National Park System, Mark and LightChase is for you!! The images you come home with will blow you away. If anyone wants to contact me to discuss LightChase feel free.”

Andrew Ehrlich; Smithtown, NY

“I’ve been on over 7 tours with Mark. I always have a great time! It is amazing to watch Mark in action as our fearless leader. He will look up into the sky and for about a minute he will be in deep thought, and then he will lead us to a beautiful place and instruct us to hold on to our hats because we are going to witness a spectacular sunset! And sure enough we will. I never doubt Mark and his abilities. If Mark suggest to me to sit on an edge of a cliff and wait about a half hour for the “magic light” I do it. My photography has improved tenfold with all the techniques that Mark has taught me.”

Nicole Marcisz; Denver, CO

“Mark is such an inspiration for me in more than just photography…I have learned to experience the changing light. My most memorable moment has to be standing in the Virgin River right next to Mark while the glorious sunrise was reflecting off the rushing water tugging at my boots and while all this was happening I stood and looked around to see the sky was in unbelievable color in all directions!”

Paul Riewerts; Port Byron. IL

“The most important thing to me about a photo tour or fishing trip is not just capturing the image or the fish but capturing or living the “experience”. The experience lives with you for a lifetime. I’ve been on a number of photo tours and workshops that were so immersed in the technical aspects of photography that there was almost no room for the joy of the experience. No photograph can replicate the smell of salt air on the Oregon coast or the rush of adrenalin as you see, experience and photograph a grizzly in Yellowstone . And, that’s what separates LightChase Photography from all the others – the richness of the total experience. Mark Rasmussen is a master teacher who has an understanding of photography concepts, the natural world including weather and light, and he eagerly shares that knowledge and those experiences with his students. Too much of photography is about “gear” and not enough about the experience. Mark enrichs the experience and his skills, patience, and enthusiasm and teaches you how to record it so it can be shared.”
Doug Beezley; Snellville, GA
I have traveled with several workshop groups prior to LightChase and learned many things on the trips, met some great people, and even have some photographs I like. However, under Mark’s guidance I believe that not only has my photography transformed and evolved to a newer, higher level but myself as a person has as well. Through Mark I have learned a love for places that I might otherwise have only deemed as a cool place to photograph not a wonderful place to experience. There is a journey involved not just a snapshot type of glimpse of the world. It is that journey that I strive to include in my images and with Mark’s assistance I am learning to make that happen. Mark is very generous with his knowledge of place and technique. The workshop will have a general outline but Mark adapts the plan to make sure you get the best weather and light to capture the best photos. On several occasions, he has incorporated my input on an interesting photo stop that I had heard about or previously visited which allowed personalization of the tour as well as something a bit different for everyone to shoot. Mark encourages you to try different techniques and push you out of your comfort zone. Furthermore, he puts a lot of thought into the group dynamics of the tours. There is always a great mix of people which adds fun and laughter to the journey. He keeps the group size small so that there is plenty of personal attention given to advancing your photography skills. I have enjoyed many adventures with LightChase Photography and hope to enjoy many, many more!!!
D’An Holmes; Atlanta, GA

“Lightchase Photography fuels your photo enthusiasm that will explode into passion. Mark provides the student with a roadmap, making you think/work to understand how to pave the road to get the shot. You’ll return home with a new fire in your photo soul and a new found kindred spirit of friends. LightChase will make you a better storyteller through your own photo journey. You never stop learning while on a Lightchase Tour. Mark shares ALL his knowledge to make you a better shooter. Whether on the location of the shot, or just riding in the car, you will take home more information than what you came with. Take the tour, experience the adventure/journey, become passionate about what YOU can do with your own photography.”

Jimmy Simpson; Atlanta, GA

LightChase Photography Testimonials