Tour Itinerary


Wild Horse Photo Tour Itinerary
Length of Tour: There are three (3) potential tour lengths for a Wild Horse Photo Tour.
Option A: Standard Tour includes all or part of four (4) days, and is described below.
Option B: Extended Tour includes all or part of six (6) days, and is the standard tour
with the addition of The Snowy Range.
Option C: Extended & Solar Eclipse Tour includes all or part of eight (8) days, and is the
extended tour with the addition of night photography and a total solar eclipse.
This tour option is available in August 2017 only due to the timing of the total solar eclipse.

Any or all of these tour options can be offered if the group interested has a common goal and chooses
a common tour option. The itinerary below is an example using the May 2015A Tour dates.

May 2015A Wild Horse Tour
 5/12/2015 to 5/15/2015
Duration: 4 Days
Target Airport: Salt Lake City, UT (Airport Code: SLC)

Tour Concept: From May 12th, 2015 to May 15th, 2015, the tour is a 4-Day Wild Horse Tour
with Green River Wild Horse Tours 
(Rich Nobles and his Austrian Pinzgauer) and LightChase
 (Mark Rasmussen).
Number of Photographers: The target number of photographers is 6, plus Rich as wild horse guide
and Mark as photography instructor. This results in a photographer/guide ratio is only 3 to 1.

Itinerary: There will be a total of six (6) wild horse tour photography sessions. There will be
one (1) afternoon/evening on 5/12, two (2) per day (morning and evening) for 5/13 & 5/14,
and one (1) morning session on 5/15.

Morning photography sessions generally start between 5 to 6am depending upon the time of year.
Rich picks up the group with his Austrian Pinzgauer right at our hotel room door.
We depart this early to catch the wild horses before sunrise. The morning sessions typically
last for about 5 hours until the action subsides. Typically, the morning is the best time for wild horses, as they
are the most active at that time of day.

Afternoon/Evening photography sessions typically start between 3 or 4pm depending upon the
time of year, and last for about 5 hours. We usually stay out to photograph
and experience the wild horses until sunset, but sometimes beyond sunset if there are thunderstorms
and lightning to observe and photograph.

Lodging: Lodging for the nights of 5/12, 5/13, & 5/14 will be at the Oak Tree Inn of Green River, WY. LightChase Photography stays here for all lodging in the Green River area.
The rooms are very large, very clean, and the staff is friendly. There is free Wi-Fi available.

What’s Included & What Is Not Included: This 4-day adventure tour consists of the six (6) wild horse
photography sessions as outlined above. Snacks and drinks for the wild horse sessions will be provided.
Lodging at the Oak Tree Inn is included in the price, based on double occupancy. The group will frequent
Penny’s Diner, which is a 1950’s themed diner for lunch between the photo sessions. We will review
photos & share stories from the morning shoot in preparation for the afternoon/evening photo sessions.
Meals (other than breakfast which is included in the form of vouchers at Penny’s Diner) in restaurants and
airfare are not included in the tour cost.

The Tour Cost range for a wild horse photo tour depends upon the actual Tour Option (A, B, or C)
chosen, the final group size, and the actual expenses. Typical tour cost ranges from $1,500 per person
to $2,000 per person.
Importantly, this tour cost includes your lodging cost in Green River, WY
 and also includes all transportation to/from Salt Lake City Airport and during the tour.

Please consider this adventure, which gives you an unparalleled experience of the American Wild Horse,
which is the iconic symbol of the “Old West” and the enduring spirit of the people of the
United States of America.
We look forward to you joining us for this unique adventure and believe seeing, photographing, and experiencing
the wild horses of Pilot Butte is a “Bucket List” type of experience.